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Procedure for Testing for LASACT Certificates (AADC, CCDP-D, CCDP, CCJP, PRSS, SAP)

All applications for LASACT certificates are reviewed by the Certification Examining Board (CEB) for approval. Candidates must hold a valid ADRA credential to test for the AADC, CCDP-D, CCDP, and SAP certificates. Those who pass the LAC test do not have to re-test to obtain the AADC certificate.

An ADRA credential is not required to test for CCJP or PRSS.

PRSS testing fee is $100.

The same testing procedures are followed as for ADRA testing.

Contact Susan Marino of LASACT at (225) 766-2992.

Click here to download Test Payment Form.

Special Accommodations

Those who need special accommodations for testing are required to submit a medical form issued by LASACT. This form must be submitted 45 days prior to testing date. Contact Susan Marino of LASACT at (225) 766-2992 for the form.

Resources for Test Preparation

See Credentialing Tab. Click on Exam Prep Resources.