At LASACT ’99 in Shreveport, the Betty Breen Memorial Tuition Foundation was established by the family of Betty Breen and Don Hidalgo.
Betty, a charter member of LASACT, was instrumental in the passage of legislation to establish the State Board for the Certification of Substance Abuse Counselors. She served as an officer of both LASACT and SACO, District II. Her commitment to chemically dependent clients, and particularly to their families, is evidenced by 15 years of experience as a family counselor.

Betty began her counseling career after raising seven children. She was motivated out of her personal journey to find help for herself, her children, and her spouse to recover from alcoholism. She was married to Don Hidalgo, another charter member of LASACT and long time contributor in many areas in our field. Of their seven children, Lisa Schuster and Leslie Sheets are also counselors and have both been very active in LASACT and the profession.

When Betty died in February 1999, her family decided to establish the Betty Breen Memorial tuition Foundation in her honor. The purpose of the Foundation is to help ease the financial barriers people face as they attempt to gain the education and experience necessary to become certified in the field of Substance Abuse Counseling.

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The standards and criteria for applying for financial assistance are as follows:

1. Because Addiction Professionals are required to do charting and create documents in the course of their work, the application for financial assistance must be completed in a manner that reflects the applicant’s ability to write appropriately and effectively. Applications will be evaluated on their professionalism, grammar, spelling, and sentence construction. Applications that do not meet this standard will be returned.

2. The applicant must be registered as a Counselor in Training   (CIT) with ADRA or actively working towards becoming a CIT.

3.Only the LASACT annual Conference and the Louisiana Addiction Counselor Training Program will be approved. LASACT is an ADRA Approved Educational Provider (AEP #2)

4.Unless a different deadline is specified, applicants must submit requests for assistance no later than two weeks prior to the date of the educational program for which funds are being requested.

5.The maximum amount that any applicant may receive per calendar year is $500.00.

6.Assistance shall be available to any qualified applicant, regardless of race, creed, or gender.

Application form can be downloaded from www.BettyBreen.Com. Return completed application and typewritten answer sheet for Question 5 to the Betty Breen Educational Foundation by mail, or E-mail. A committee reviews applications and selects recipients. LASACT handles payments as directed by the Committee. The Foundation pays only LASACT member rates.

Contact information
Betty Breen Educational Foundation
4637 Jamestown Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 7080

Phone: 225-927-0160  – E-mail:
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