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Our Mission:

To promote and enhance addiction professionals and providers in areas of treatment, education, prevention and advocacy

Education, Treatment, Prevention

  • Takes the lead in the State of Louisiana as an Approved Educational Provider (AEP) through the Addictive Disorders Regulatory Authority (ADRA) by providing educational workshops year round and throughout the State on various topics related to Substance Abuse Prevention, Substance Abuse Counseling, Compulsive Gambling Counseling,Professional Ethics, and Clinical Supervision
  • Sponsors an annual Conference which provides continuing education opportunities by nationally and internationally known speakers as well as in-state experts.
  • Contracts with Addictive Disorders Regulatory Authority (ADRA) to administer tests for certification candidates to ensure that applicants meet all requirements and are competent to serve the public.


  • Works closely with the Addictive Disorders Regulatory Authority (ADRA) to ensure that appropriate standards are set and enforced in the field of Addiction Counseling.
  • Keeps a close watch on proposed legislation that impacts the field of Addiction Counseling and Addiction Professionals in Louisiana and nationally.


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Our Staff

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