Procedure for Testing for LASACT Certificates (AADC, CCJP, PRSS, SAP)

All applications for LASACT certificates are reviewed by the Certification Examining Board (CEB) for approval. Candidates must hold a valid ADRA credential to test for the AADC and SAP certificates. Those who pass the LAC test do not have to re-test to obtain the AADC certificate.

An ADRA credential is not required to test for CCJP or PRSS.

PRSS testing fee is $100.  All other fees for testing are $285 unless otherwise noted. (Refer to the Test Payment Form below for details.)

The same testing procedures are followed as for ADRA testing.

Contact Susan Marino of LASACT at (225) 766-2992.

Click here to download 2019 Test Payment Form

Special Accommodations

Those who need special accommodations for testing are required to submit a medical form issued by LASACT. This form must be submitted 45 days prior to testing date. Contact Susan Marino of LASACT at (225) 766-2992 for the form.

Resources for Test Preparation

Refer to the Credentialing Tab / Exam Prep Resources.